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A New Healthy Fav

July 2020

We love to eat. So much that we, as in myself and David, realized that we had fallen victim to the COVID-19 weight gain program. Take-out had become way too frequent, Baskin Robbins was a nightly staple, and we salivated at the thought of the yummy cocktails we had put in rotation. But now that July has come and gone, and we are both on a mission to rid ourselves of these unwanted pounds, I realized that there is another unusual constant in the Long-McLain house- Recipetin Eats. This website has become our go-to food blog when we cook dinner, but not on purpose. We didn't learn about Nagi and Recipetin Eats by word of mouth, per se, but yet I have to admit that there is power in Google reviews.  We tend to search for recipes based on what we have in the house and/or what our palates are craving and by doing so, we always seemed to stumble upon this particular website. So now, it is safe to say that, in most cases, I bypass the general Google search and go straight to Nagi's Recipetin Eats blog! I recently made her Lentil Soup and the caption tells no lies... the soup was "seriously amazing"! 

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