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Welcome... Come On In!

Hello Beautiful People!

I want to graciously welcome you to HALF FULL! Half Full is a safe place in which the beautiful chaos of life will be shared through personal stories, testimonies, and confessions. I intend to speak from the heart as no one else but me: a mother, wife, daughter, friend, loved one, woman, and occupational therapist. Each of these roles has birthed different perspectives, challenges, and joys- none of which I regret yet humbly appreciate. While sharing my life with you, here on Half Full, I hope to be:






hopeful and optimistic,

or simply put... half full.

I tend to be a very private individual, with only those that know me personally knowing all my quirks and secrets. But I'm stepping out on faith with this new life adventure. This blog is something that was placed on my heart some time ago after a series of unfortunate events. I've tried to ignore the urge to speak out loud, mostly out of fear of being judged, offending someone, or failing in some way. Yet, my spirit has been overwhelmed and I can't resist... this is something God is saying I need to do. So I ask in advance that you be sensitive, kind, understanding, lighthearted, and open-minded. Join me in being optimistic and hopeful (half full). Feel free to:

laugh with me.

cry with me.

scream with me.

shout with me.

or whatever your spirit leads you to do as you travel throughout this journey with me.

Please know that I hope to gain nothing more from this than clarity and growth, all while hopefully touching the heart and/or life of even just one person who blesses my blog with their presence. I do however ask that you share Half Full with a friend or loved one when you are moved to do so. Just like me, I understand that everyone has a few stories to tell, some thoughts to share, and a million questions to ask, and I dare not dismiss anyone's circumstance. I just truly believe that we are all doing our best at this game of life, so why not share in hopes to uplift, encourage, and see the bright side of all things!

I hope you enjoy what's to come!

So much love and gratitude to you!


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